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The New Adventures Of WonderBoy


Bobby Barnes’ life was forever changed the day two goddesses gifted him powers & charged him with healing the world. But can even Wonder Woman’s tutelage help him with a task of this magnitude, when he hasn’t even completely healed himself?




“A loving heart is the truest form of wisdom.” – Athena

“The New Adventures of Wonder Boy” is a joyful fan series which takes the original Marstonian message of Wonder Woman and makes it tangible for our modern patriarchal society.

This adaptation takes the DC Comics’ character Bobby Barnes (originally created by Phil Jimenez in Wonder Woman Vol.2, Issue #188), and imagines him 21 years after we were first introduced to him. Giving us a new kind of hero who’s strength is his compassion.

Wonder Boy picks up where the Lynda Carter series left off and pays it great homage, but with a fresh modern new twist.

Characters from the original Lynda Carter series will be reprised, the original source material for Bobby will be honored in fantastic ways, our hero will receive his own origin, including a new villain and a corresponding mission which compliments Wonder Woman’s own: To teach the world how to #LeadWithLove.


In this three-part pilot (aka Made for TV movie) of the fan series, we see Bobby Barnes’s Wonder Boy origin unfold. He is given super powers, met with his first big challenge which precedes even his mentor (Wonder Woman), and is called into his divine mission.

Part One

Bobby comes from a broken home, and the Wonder Woman of his life, his mother was taken in a horrible drunk driving accident. On his birthday, and at his all time low, he decides to visit his mother’s gravesite, and is visited by two disguised greek goddesses. After some conversation with them, he receives his 28th birthday gift from them: super-powers!

Five years later, he finds himself working at the I.A.D.C. (Inter Agency Defense Command where Lynda Carter’s Diana Prince used to work) as a junior agent. He receives his first field assignment which could land him his full agent status. He leaps into action as Wonder Boy and brings graceful solution in true Marstonian fashion. But little did he know that there is a larger plot afoot, and it will be a challenge that will rock him to his core.

Part Two

As Wonder Boy is challenged, he revisits his past and how he arrived to where he is now. We see the emergence of a new villain who’s history precedes WWII, and we find out he is responsible for much of Earth’s (and America’s) conflict. Thankfully, Wonder Woman’s protege has meet a new ally who is very well acquainted with the both the new villain and Amazing Amazon, because this ally is the fourth character to appear from the original Lynda Carter series.

The conflict heats up when our villain unleashes a full assault on WonderBoy and his allies, which leads to Wonder Boy’s capture.

Part Three

Wonder Boy is beat, broken, and de-powered. It’s through his defeat that he discovers his similarities to our new villain, understands how his past experiences brought him to where he is now, and just in time for his 33rd birthday, realizes his true mission to teach the world how to #LeadWithLove.


To pay homage to Lynda Carter’s original Wonder Woman series, our fan series will ONLY be three seasons. Each season will deal with the three different topics which make up the Wonder Boy formula for teaching the world how to #LeadWithLove.

Season One

Topic One: HIDING

Season Two

Topic Two: HURTING

Season Three

Topic Three: HEALING


Get a glimpse of what we have in store for the 2023 fan series by watching our Proof Of Concept trailer on YouTube. Just follow the link below.


The Wonder Boy fan series Proof of Concept trailer


Brian J. Patterson

Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer/& Star (Bobby Barnes/WonderBoy)

Keith Jeffries

Camera Operator

Joshua Tavasti

Young Bobby Barnes

Christopher Gannon


Jack A. Steere

I.A.D.C. Agent #1 / Associate Producer

Barry Lowin

Special Guest

Linsay Rousseau

Casting Associate / Associate Producer

Andy Mangels

Consultant / Wonder Woman’s Wardrobe

Jase Peeples


Patricia Villalobos



Wonder Boy Theme-song Lead Composer & Special Guest Rapper

Louis Trenta

Composer & Singer of featured song, “A New Hero”

Gavin Hestor (of Pandora Design)

Logo Graphic Designer of “New Adventures of Wonder Boy”

Don Starnes

Director of Photography

Scott Marino

Camera Assistant

Corey Sajous

Key Grip

Amanda Rouse

Wonder Woman / Lead Production Assistant

Noel Rosado

Vanguard’s ‘soldier’

Dion Gaeta

Man being attacked by Vanguard

Jason “Energy” Lewis

I.A.D.C. Agent #2

Timothy Huls

Producer – Behind The Scenes Documentary

Boston Blake


A.J. Catalano


Michael Edward Burke

Wonder Boy Theme-song Engineer, Producer, & Composer

One Shot Taylor

Wonder Boy Theme-song Engineer & Producer

Laurie Burke

Wonder Boy Theme-song Lead singer

Dan Hayes

Wonder Boy website artwork


What People are Saying About WonderBoyTV:

Chomping at the bit!

Boston Blake

I think it’s fantastic what you are doing!

Herbert Eaford

This is truly amazeballs!

John Goldsmith

All the world is waiting for you!

Kiana Tavasti


David Berger

I can’t wait!!!!!

Kristi Grabow

OMG Where is the ‘love’ button when you need one? This is more than a like!

Darchele Smith

Can’t wait!

Jennifer Taylor Lawrence


The purpose of creating Wonder Boy is to make Wonder Woman’s message more tangible for modern society, and help everyone to commit to consistently making the decision to #LeadWithLove. (COMING SOON!)

We all have a WonderBoy inside of us. This section will feature organizations and people who #LeadWithLove. To be featured in this section email us at

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